Strategic IT Partnerships & Common Goals.

We are grateful to work with many great partners in the technology space that have helped Makios become so successful.  The magic of making a IT partnership work, is having a shared common goal, and being provided with the tools and products that enhance the technology experience of our clients.

WatchGuard Gold Partner

WatchGuard Technologies

For almost 15 years WatchGuard has been our go-to partner for all things security. Their products and tireless efforts to support Makios have helped us provide advanced security to the small and medium enterprise. The WatchGuard stack is great at protecting people’s businesses and they demonstrate care and commitment which is a rare treat for companies like us.  Makios is proud to have served on the WatchGuard advisory board for 3 consecutive years.

Dell Technologies

When it comes to business computing, virtualization, and servers, there is only one company that has it all figured out – Dell EMC.  Makios has a longstanding relationship with Dell and have worked closely with their teams to help put together some of the absolute best deployments in the history of Makios. Makios is proud to be a 15+ year partner of Dell.


When we first started using VoIP solutions within Makios we had a choice to make, do we join the herds of people jumping on the bandwagon or do we stay true to the customized approach that works for those with higher standards? The choice was simple. Avaya was an instant match to help deliver the customization Makios needed and,  since then, Makios has been a loyal partner of Avaya. We are a premier partner for Avaya’s IP Office platform.


Makios supports pretty much all things Microsoft. Our technicians are Microsoft certified and we have had a Silver Partnership level with Microsoft for small and mid-market for what seems like forever. We provide our clients with the Office 365 suite of products from Microsoft.


Whether you love the iPhone, iPad, or even love working on your Mac, we’re here to help you. Makios has invested great resources to make sure we’re ready to help you be more successful in using the tools you love to use. Makios is a member of the Apple Consultants network and has Apple Certified Technicians standing by for all things Apple.