A reboot isn’t enough to kill VPNFilter

A reboot isn’t enough to kill VPNFilter

If you are wondering if you are affected by the #VPNFilter hack check the latest list of devices that were affected, we went from 15 to more than 80 devices:

Asus Devices: RT-AC66U (new), RT-N10 (new), RT-N10E (new), RT-N10U (new), RT-N56U (new), RT-N66U (new), D-Link Devices:, DES-1210-08P (new), DIR-300 (new), DIR-300A (new), DSR-250N (new), DSR-500N (new), DSR-1000 (new), DSR-1000N (new), Huawei Devices:, HG8245 (new), Linksys Devices:, E1200, E2500, E3000 (new), E3200 (new), E4200 (new), RV082 (new), WRVS4400N, Mikrotik Devices:, CCR1009 (new), CCR1016, CCR1036, CCR1072, CRS109 (new), CRS112 (new), CRS125 (new), RB411 (new), RB450 (new), RB750 (new), RB911 (new), RB921 (new), RB941 (new), RB951 (new), RB952 (new), RB960 (new), RB962 (new), RB1100 (new), RB1200 (new), RB2011 (new), RB3011 (new), RB Groove (new), RB Omnitik (new), STX5 (new), Netgear Devices:, DG834 (new), DGN1000 (new), DGN2200, DGN3500 (new), FVS318N (new), MBRN3000 (new), R6400, R7000, R8000, WNR1000, WNR2000, WNR2200 (new), WNR4000 (new), WNDR3700 (new), WNDR4000 (new), WNDR4300 (new), WNDR4300-TN (new), UTM50 (new), QNAP Devices:, TS251, TS439 Pro, Other QNAP NAS devices running QTS software, TP-Link Devices:, R600VPN, TL-WR741ND (new), TL-WR841N (new), Ubiquiti Devices:, NSM2 (new), PBE M5 (new), Upvel Devices:, Unknown Models* (new), ZTE Devices:, ZXHN H108N (new),

Although the FBI advised you to reboot, here are the 4 steps you should take to eradicate this hack.

  1. Reset to factory defaults
  2. Update to the latest software immediately
  3. Set a strong admin password
  4. Make sure remote management is off

Just a reboot won’t do the job, and although it is a pain the consequences of not taking action are a far greater pain.

Stay safe.