Change Your World in 2017

Change Your World in 2017

What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again. Change the world. — Simon Sinek

If you’re like most business owners, your optimistic New Year’s resolutions focus on improving beyond the status quo. Makios cheers you on in that ambition and we’re here to help eliminate the pesky distractions that get in the way. As you peer into the crystal ball for clues to prepare yourself, here are three urgent tech priorities and trends to move to the front of your watch list in 2017.

1. Cyber-attacks are the new bank heists, but they’re also going after SMBs more than ever.
2016 was the year in which hacking became the new normal. Executives, consumers, the US presidential elections, 100 European banks, and more were infiltrated by hackers. Newer and more powerful hack-clusters and criminal enclaves are emerging in Russia, among terror organizations and even in Western Europe and the US. It will be far more lucrative to stage a cyber-attack than to make a bank heist in 2017. One in 5 businesses have experienced data loss in 2016 and data is currency for many businesses. Makios Cloud Security goes beyond the firewall or antivirus, to monitor your network security closely so you and your team are protected from nasty threats and your network remains safe and compliant.

2. Intelligent Automation
As you may have heard, artificial Intelligence is expected to leap ahead in 2017. All five human senses (touch, smell, sight, audio and speech) will be machine-learnt and reach near-perfection. And then there’s intelligent automation in our daily lives—driverless cars, robots, drones. As industry 4.0 and other disruption technologies mature, 2017 will blend human intelligence with machines. More people will work side by side with robots than ever. According to Accenture: “…Intelligent automation brings fundamental changes to how businesses and individuals work. Machines have different strengths and capabilities that complement their human supervisors. Together, they’re changing what’s possible.” Through exciting and ever-changing developments, Makios will be here to help make sense of the benefits and risks and how to navigate safely.

3. Phishing Attacks are still absolutely a top threat to tackle and prevent.
Unfortunately, there’s no 100 percent solution for blocking phishing attacks, and hackers are always coming up with new strategies — not just email, but social networks, text messages, websites (infected with malware), and employees (targeted on open wireless networks). One of the top recommended strategies is awareness and education. Makios offers Security Presentations for you and your staff or organization with valuable up-to-date training and tips including
examples of clever phishing messages and how to spot them
how to identify suspect links to malicious websites
knowing what to look for to confirm encrypted websites
how to treat digital warnings or pop-ups
how to create strong passwords and protect them