Chris Celebrates his 4th Anniversary at Makios

Chris Celebrates his 4th Anniversary at Makios

Makios has been a long time supporter of the local El Paso community where our roots lie. Many know that talent doesn’t always stay in this town so to keep good and talented people in El Paso, we pay them a decent wage and create a work environment that breeds champions.

One of those champions is Chris, who joined the Makios family in 2016.

When Chris and I were first introduced, he was very shy, a bit quirky, and his social skills weren’t very polished. But what he lacked in social skills, he made up for – ten-fold – in being incredibly humble, a very fast learner, and having an amazing work attitude. So it goes without saying that I was drawn to him right from the start, so I hired him after his internship.

As I look back at Chris over the years, I have seen him develop into one of the finest technicians with incredible self-motivation. Seeing someone continuing to improve himself is where it gets exciting for me. He is very much involved with growing professionally, and every day, he gets better; that’s a winner’s attitude!

“No matter how much work we get, no matter how complex the problem. I feel satisfaction knowing that I have provided the client with the solutions that they need to continue working and get the day done.” – Chris says

The entire team at Makios congratulates Chris and wishes him many more years of continued success. We’re honored to have someone like him on our team, and we look forward to working with him for many more years to come.