Cyber Crime Fighters Unite – Against Phishing

Cyber Crime Fighters Unite – Against Phishing

Cyber security is on the rise, big time. So with all these threats, how can your business stay safe? We posted something the other day on Facebook that hit the nail on the head:

Cyber security is not an IT problem, it is an EVERYONE problem.

I get emails almost every week from people who try to trick me and some, I must say, are incredibly crafty. Email viruses had become a thing of the past, but guess what?! They are back in full effect.
Here is a scenario we all know:

A Nigerian relative of Prince So-And-So has a few million ready to transfer to your account. Are you unsure of the legitimacy of the message but curious? Don’t get tricked, phishing is real, and it is effective.

Here are a few helpful questions to ask yourself before clicking or responding:

1. Is the offer too good to be true?
2. Are you expecting the message?
3. Is the sender someone you frequently interact with?
4. Are links in the message looking legit but pointing somewhere else?

All these things are simple common-sense questions we use to stay safer out on the great inter-webs. Sometimes it is best to just hit delete, if it is important they will likely call you.

Stay Safe!