Celebrating 11 years of excellence

Celebrating 11 years of excellence

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This month we celebrate the most methodical Vice President and Business Partner MACHINE our world has ever seen.

Doede Zijlstra (aka “Big Dee” or simply “Dude”) is celebrating his 11th anniversary at Makios. Zijlstra began his journey at Makios in 2010 as Operations Manager and successfully implemented better accounting processes and more efficient financial systems in his first year. After this, his focus shifted to ticket tracking and scheduling system, which we still use today. Within a year, Doede was promoted to Vice President, which is the role he fulfills today. In 2016 he became part owner of Makios. 

“There hasn’t been a day that I haven’t enjoyed going to work. My favorite experiences at Makios have been connecting with clients.” – Doede says.

Doede keeps Makios running full steam ahead with his leadership and in-depth organizational skills. El “Dude” sees that we implement the very best practices for our internal and external operations and that we follow the processes he helped design and create over the years.

Congrats Doede! We are grateful for having you on the team.