Don’t Let The Monsters In

Don’t Let The Monsters In

Zombies, witches, werewolves, and grotesque monsters of every shape and size emerge from the shadows, hunting you down with ever-increasing speed and precision, their beady red eyes glowing. You try outrunning them—ducking, hiding, counter-attacks of all sorts, but no matter what you do, they adapt just as quickly, matching their tactics perfectly to thwart your every attempt.

We invoke this Halloween fear-fest (or fun-fest, depending on whether you’re the hunter or the hunted this October 31st) to raise an important point about some scary realities that unfortunately stalk us throughout the year, not just in October.

Although security has evolved rapidly over the past few years and most of us are more aware than ever of the hyper-vigilance that is needed, the monsters of our email nightmares are keeping pace— adapting their tactics and shifting their targets, finding increasingly sophisticated strategies to get around traditional defenses.

That’s why a good attack-protection strategy has to be 10 steps ahead, if not more. Makios Cloud Email Protection is now better than ever at this, having recently added a feature called URL Defense to our next-generation cybersecurity solution.

URL Defense combats targeted threats using a full lifecycle approach. This means that there are several lines of sophisticated defense in place to catch and block a malicious website before that deadly, infectious click can ever take place.

What Makios Cloud Email Protection with URL Defense can do for you–

  • Predict and pre-empt attacks, with advanced software that “learns” what to suspect and a specific user’s vulnerability
  • Counter-evade lethal attacks using proprietary technology
  • Follow an email URL bait to check for safety in real-time (because hackers now know how to turn a website malicious after you’ve already learned to trust it was safe)
  • Monitor and identify advanced threats that other solutions often miss
  • Protect you on and off the corporate VPN across all devices (mobile, tablet, laptops)

To make this story even spookier, cyber-criminals are counting on small to mid-sized enterprises to make the mistake of thinking ‘We’re too small a target; they’ll go after someone bigger.’ In many cases, these criminals have now figured out that smaller targets are easier to catch and can even mean a bigger reward in the end. And research has found that, even with good security training and protocols in place, 1 in 10 users that receive email messages with malicious URLs will still click through. Much of the time, the malware goes undetected by less than 10% of traditional antivirus solutions, even hours later.

If the mere thought of all this gives you the chills, you’re getting the point. Now, we’re not saying that we’re the hero, the knight in shining armor of this bedtime story—your one and only hope against the forces of evil in a darkened world… —but if Makios had to pick a character to dress up as for Halloween, it might not be a bad idea.