General Contractor Challenges Makios and Walks Away Happy

General Contractor Challenges Makios and Walks Away Happy


General Contractor

Under the management of a fifth-generation construction professional, this El Paso-based General Contractor is a multi-dimensional company that provides a host of construction services for design/build, residential, and commercial projects serving Northern/Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico.


Overcoming Troubled Past

After a series of disappointing experiences with other IT providers, this General Contractor was skeptical that Makios could deliver on its promise of helping the company to improve their network configurations and streamline their operations.


Exceed Expectations

With a step-by-step process, the Makios team was able to make a series of changes that immediately provided positive results. Instead of playing defense and only responding to problems as they arose, Makios started with a proactive, offensive approach that enabled the company to eliminate historical challenges they had struggled to overcome.

By outsourcing their IT, the General Contractor was finally able to find the right balance between reliable service and reasonable cost. The Makios “CTO in a box” solution also helped the company more effectively allocate time and resources, so that they could grow their business while letting the Makios team manage and maintain their network and protect their critical data. 

Through their partnership with Makios, this General Contractor reduced maintenance costs, and secured constant access to their data with flexible cloud services, and up-to-date network redundancies, for more streamlined and effective operational oversight.

With a family legacy synonymous with “quality construction and professionalism throughout the Southwest,” this General Contractor prides itself on providing its clients with the very best in construction services for design/build, residential, and commercial projects. 

With the goal of expanding their geographic reach by forging strategic partnerships at the Federal and State level, this General Contractor is a company on the move with a need for consistent and reliable IT management services.

Though the General Contractor took a “wait-and-see” approach to their initial collaboration with Makios, through consistent, responsive service the Makios team was able to gain their trust. By delivering on promises, and providing workable, scalable solutions designed to meet their needs, Makios established their resourcefulness and dependability. 

Once this General Contractor saw just how reactive and hands-on Makios could be, they added more services and began confidently making plans to expand their business, secure in the knowledge that Makios would be able to grow and adapt to their changing needs.