Healthcare Provider seeks out Makios for Cyber-Security and IT Management Challenges

Healthcare Provider seeks out Makios for Cyber-Security and IT Management Challenges


Healthcare Provider, West Texas

The company is a well-established healthcare provider with a skilled staff that provides medical services to their clients. The organization is a leader in medical care.


Upgrade Security and Reduce Cost of Ownership

With the goal of enhancing and streamlining their current security infrastructure, this Healthcare Provider needed a comprehensive, and affordable solution that would support their HIPAA compliance needs while also allowing them to reduce their cost of ownership.


Upgrades and Installations

After doing an in-depth analysis of the Healthcare provider’s security requirements, Makios met with the organization’s management to assess their current operations and design a leaner, more cost-effective alternative. 

After that initial evaluation, Makios determined the Healthcare Provider should outsource management of their IT security in order to meet the changing needs of their organization and ensure compliance with HIPAA.

With four decades of experience providing comfort, care, and hope for patients and their loved ones, this Healthcare Provider operates under the belief that “death and bereavement are natural and acceptable aspects of life.” As new, stricter regulations emerged involving the protection of patient records, the Healthcare Provider made every effort to comply with HIPAA and other state and local laws. 

After an initial meeting during an IT security event, the Healthcare Provider contacted Makios to discuss how they could expand their current IT security in order to stay in compliance with HIPAA and other regulations without increasing operational costs. With a team of experts dedicated to providing best-in-class security solutions, the Healthcare Provider was able to prevent and manage the organization’s network vulnerabilities while also fulfilling HIPAA security requirements. 

During a regularly scheduled client security seminar designed to keep Makios customers up to date on all the latest IT security strategies and solutions, the Healthcare Provider decided to make the switch from onsite IT management to a Managed Service Provider (MSP).