How Secure is “Secure”?

How Secure is “Secure”?

Hackers no longer worry about getting caught because it’s easy to remove any evidence that they were even there in the first place. They make a living at catching people and systems off guard through social engineering and other methods.

Today’s hackers are patient. They don’t worry about getting caught because they count on two things:

That victims will be confident that yesterday’s defense updates and strategies will work tomorrow.
They can move on to the next victim easily before being detected and removing any evidence that they were ever there at all…

We all know that what they want is data, because data means money. Trend Micro™ suggests that the only way to deal with the threat is to adopt customized approaches to detecting early intrusion. Through enhancements to their Command and Communication (C&C) software, they claim to detect suspicious behavior before it endangers intellectual property, which can lead to downtime and reputation risk.

Unfortunately, most businesses admit their efforts are inadequate. As cyber security providers, we strongly encourage you to ask questions and be suspicious of any unfamiliar email addresses or links that might seem a little “phishy” (pun intended).

Here at Makios, we understand and tackle that pesky and daunting task of keeping your business secure and it’s our mission to supply our clients with products and business solutions and practices to attack these problems head on.