How to keep Internet costs reasonable

How to keep Internet costs reasonable

Let's start with marketing...

Marketing professionals know how to trigger the interest of the savvy business buyer. I’d dare to venture that the reference to ‘reasonable costs’ is something that led you to read this post.

Call me a nerd but I believe there is something fundamentally wrong with that picture. Technology for business is not really a commodity despite the fact that items like computers, phones, and Internet are heavily commoditized. Price buying leads to buying with a “getting-the-deal” mentality rather than remaining focused on the solution that gives your business the best returns.

The options are simple...or are they?

If you answered with a resounding YES, that’s perfectly understandable. But the real answer is IT DEPENDS on many factors – most importantly getting a full picture.

  • What speed does my business need?
  • What speed is enough for my business?
  • Will the speed be consistent or variable?
  • What am I using the internet for?
  • Will the service be stable or unreliable?

So how can you know what you don't know?

The answer is quite simple. You can’t (easily). It takes years of experience in the industry to know how to answer most of those questions.

Makios has been in the technology business for close to 15 years now, and what really sets us apart from others is that we will always act with your best interest in mind first – without exception.

That means you don’t have to understand or ‘know what you don’t know’ when we work alongside you. When you team up with us as your technology vendor we help you figure out what Internet and phone services work best for your business and you win, and you win BIG. We have saved clients enormous sums of money that would have otherwise been left on the table because we understand the landscape from all angles.

What is important to know and learn.

Let me be forward.

Buying a deal for the sake of the deal when it comes to technology can be a BIG risk for your business. Too many times I meet with clients that sign up for Internet and/or phone services because of the published speeds or cheap rates just to be disappointed in the end with stability and reliability – no bueno, right!?

Most carriers have sales teams that focus simply on selling by numbers when what you need is someone to perform a consultative service. It really pays to hire a professional, and if that professional comes at no cost to you, you have yourself a sweet deal.

With Providers focused on selling when they should be focused on delivering, Makios steps in to keep them honest and to make sure that “features and benefits” aren’t used to confuse the buyer. We’re there with you to help you consider the entire picture and this changes the landscape entirely. With this approach we are able to help you negotiate the right terms and you are no longer at risk of being taken advantage of by a sales-focused provider.

History has shown that people generally make decisions based on what they can understand. And with technology often being complex, the company that has the simplest to understand offer generally wins the bid. This poses a problem because smart marketing will generally trump the better solution, regardless of the price.

We solve this problem by taking marketing out of the equation. With that gone, you get what fits best and yields true returns on the money you invest.

Reduce Internet and phone expenses without sacrificing quality.

It boils down to the fact that we can help your business with something that I’m positive will matter to almost anyone running a business.

Although we cannot say that all Internet and phone services are equal, we can say that there has been much commoditization over the years and that competition is fierce between all the main carriers here in Texas.

We provide our clients with Internet and phone services at a far lower cost than what you are paying today and you’ll never have to deal with anyone other than your team here at Makios. No gimmicks, no sales pitch, no hour long conversations about all the nuts and bolts of how the Interwebs work, just a simple review of your account, and off you go with money in your pocket.

We team you up with the right carrier making sure that you have the solutions that best fits your business – not the one that helps the sales guys make their numbers. Makios doesn’t work with sales quotas so we connect you with whatever fits your business best.

If you are interested, shoot me an email and let’s quickly discuss. A 10 minute phone call will give me enough information to whip that phone and internet bill into shape for you.

Best of all, there is ZERO cost for you and you pay the same or better rate than what you would if you’d go direct. Why not let Makios do that work for you so you can go back to working on things that you’re better at than anyone else?

To get started send us an email to and let’s have a short conversation that can literally put hundreds if not thousands of dollars back into your pocket.