Insurance Brokerage Firm goes from always being down to always being up.

Insurance Brokerage Firm goes from always being down to always being up.


Insurance Brokerage Firm

Founded alongside Makios in 2006, both companies have grown together, forging a powerful partnership based on mutual trust and respect.


Establishing Trust and Following Advice

From its initial inception, this local insurance broker wanted to avoid some of the typical IT issues that seem to plague so many businesses. With that in mind, they fully vetted potential MSP providers before settling on Makios. Over the past decade, both organizations have grown and thrived together to reach ever-greater success while maintaining stability and reliability.


Doing it Right Pays Off

From the beginning, Makios provided a full-service, proactive approach to technology management that covered the essentials and allowed the commercial insurance broker to focus on expanding their business instead of managing their IT needs. By partnering with Makios, management was able to delegate many of the time-consuming tasks associated with onsite IT management to an experienced MSP, which allowed the company to focus its resources on expanding its business opportunities instead of being bogged down with the minutia of day-to-day IT operations. At every step of the way, Makios remained responsive and reliable, providing the type of stability companies need to thrive.

Makios supplied the insurance broker with everything from security and communications to ongoing management of the company’s IT operations, including ongoing security strategy and planning. Because they follow every Makios recommendation, the insurance brokerage has been able to avoid many of the common pitfalls that plague other businesses, ultimately reducing operational costs and maintaining a robust security infrastructure that keeps their network and data safe. As both companies have grown, Makios has been able to customize services, and adapt to the commercial insurance broker’s ever-changing needs, all while accurately predicting exactly where resources will be most needed and best used for maximum effect.