Ivan Flores and 11 Years of Excellence

Ivan Flores and 11 Years of Excellence

Crazy how fast time flies. We just celebrated the 11th anniversary of my friend, business partner, and Director of Technology, Ivan Flores. 

Eleven years ago, we got lucky when a skinny boy in a suit came in for an interview. Ivan came on board when Makios was in the growth phase, and we needed someone to moderate the workload. Since day one, he has enabled us to develop and deliver solutions that have brought true value to not only Makios, but our clients as well. Ivan is an integral part of the reason we are celebrating our 15th anniversary this year.

“Wow! Eleven years already. They definitely flew by. I stand by the fact that it is always an adventure here at Makios, I am very happy to be part of this great family that we have built over the years, and that it is still kicking. Looking forward to the next 11.” – Ivan says

Thank you, Ivan, for always having a positive attitude and rolling up your sleeves whenever it’s needed it. The heart and commitment you put into this company by helping the team and clients are immeasurable. 

Congrats, man! – We wish you many more years of success.