Makios Cloud Internet — a redundant, load-balanced and dynamic Internet that also optimizes VoIP, VPN and SaaS.

Makios Cloud Internet — a redundant, load-balanced and dynamic Internet that also optimizes VoIP, VPN and SaaS.

Our simple solution delivers Internet like a carrier but respects the traffic and your business like a true partner. By leveraging the speed of much less expensive broadband services and combining them with the reliability of fiber, this platform is great for those clients looking to combine up to 4 connections of internet and create redundancy, scalability, and cloud-ready networks, all on a single IP.

Protects & Optimizes

Makios Cloud Internet protects and optimizes:

VoIP preventing dropped or choppy calls
VPN Auto Failover and QoS for your VPNs
SaaS High performance access to business apps

This is the next generation of Internet optimization providing end-to-end visibility and control. The Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) technology used ensures that your business-critical applications are prioritized across your Internet connections and that all traffic flows are routed over the best connection in real-time.


VOIP Protection

Makios Cloud Internet protects VoIP calls from the effects of bad Internet, including dropped calls, choppy sound, and echoes. Our system prioritizes VoIP and routes calls over the cleanest ISP connection at any moment in time.


Monitoring and Alerts

We monitor each ISP connection, end-to-end, 10 times per second for packet-loss, latency, jitter, and capacity. You’ll have access to detailed logs and graphs plus configurable email alerts.


VPN Enhancement

This adds auto-failover, and Dynamic QoS to your existing VPNs. Keep your preferred firewalls and let our system provide the SD-WAN foundation for better reliability and performance than MPLS.


SaaS Performance

This automatically identifies your SaaS traffic (and other cloud apps) to ensure that it gets prioritized appropriately. Your co-worker’s YouTube video won’t slow down your Salesforce session.


Our support engineers are eager to help troubleshoot issues with our systems, the Internet, and even with your applications where possible.


We turn cheap commodity Internet connections into a single enterprise-grade path to the cloud. You can now combine Cable, DSL, and 3G/4G to get better-than-fiber reliability.

Reliable Service


Our SLA means that we’re invested in providing you with the most reliable service possible. You can trust in our redundant architecture for robust access to the cloud.