Makios Congratulates Gorman on 70 years

Makios Congratulates Gorman on 70 years

When it comes to earning trust and recognition in your field—whatever that field may be—one of the most difficult and yet most valuable traits you can have is staying power.

As Makios Technology looks ahead to our upcoming 10 year anniversary with a sense of gratitude and accomplishment, we also remind ourselves that the finish line is not yet set in this long-distance marathon. One of our long-time clients and friends, Gorman Moisture Protection, started their marathon just a little bit earlier than us (try 1946) and has their own anniversary coming up. Congratulations, from all of us here at Makios, on 70 years of staying power; may there be many more to come!

So it probably goes without saying that Gorman Moisture Protection has been around the block a few times since 1946 and knows a thing or two about long-term relationships. They’ve learned to choose their partners carefully and it was no different when it came to IT services.

“Our prior IT service seemed to like the mystic view of their work and we never had confidence in them. But Makios earned our confidence at every step, every year. They tell us the hard facts and we deal with them together without making us feel like Neanderthals.

Thanks to the Makios team, we are better organized in managing our technology and up to date, licensed, and secure. The relationship has been great. ”
–Patrick Gorman, President

More About Gorman Moisture Protection

Since 1946, Gorman Moisture Protection has worked tirelessly to establish themselves as one of the top recognized names in the region for moisture protection, repair and building restoration. They’ve garnered industry recognition and awards, including the National Heritage Award for their restoration work on the El Paso Federal Courthouse, as well as Inductee into the ASTM International Sealant Hall of Fame.

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