Makios Message of the Month: Be Strategic

Makios Message of the Month: Be Strategic

Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.
—Denis Waitley

Like the ones before it, the year 2017 comes to us fresh—with a blank page just waiting to be written. What goals are at the top of your list right now? How will you take your company to new heights over the next 12 months and control your own destiny this year, this month, this week—today?

Having a well-crafted roadmap can make a world of difference, if you know how to commit and execute it. And here at Makios, we truly believe that a when you apply that to your technology, you unlock amazing potential for not only your business, but your life.

For a while now, we’ve been asking people—what is your technology strategy? The answer to that question is about how you make sure that you’re in control and that your technology is working for you. It’s about being taken care of by your technology, top to bottom, frontwards and backwards; enabling you to focus on your business roadmap and realize your goals.We all know the benefits that come with being prepared, pro-active, and organized—with effective solutions in place that actually work. 

Solutions that even go so far as to protect you from future problems. So when your technology works the way it’s supposed to, your hands are on the controls and those controls are fine-tuned to excellence. There’s where you can get the focus you’ll need to steer the ship, full speed ahead.

If you’re like most business strategists, you want that, but you want to do it on your terms. We get that. It’s your baby. But that shouldn’t mean limitations or compromises.

That’s where we come in. Think of it this way—you don’t get paid to be a technology expert, you get paid to run and grow your business. And guess what ? It may seem counter-intuitive, but when your operations are effective and efficient, handled by a team of professionals with your best interest in mind, your overall IT expenditures actually go down, not up.

Makios’ knowledge and expertise, partnered with best-in-class products and services, means you never have to choose between performance and value when it comes to your business strategy.

This is technology the way it’s supposed to be—hand in hand with your strategic forward momentum, in everything from servers to security, laptops to mobiles, hardware to software, email to telecom.