Protecting Your Employees’ Mobile Devices

Protecting Your Employees’ Mobile Devices

Many companies have adopted a BYOD (bring your own device) environment, either to save money on hardware or to maximize convenience among their employees. However, BYOD environments represent significant potential risks, because phones, tablets, and laptops often provide a direct link for malware to enter your company’s network. Remote workers who access your company’s network present a similar security risk.

If your company is using or is considering a BYOD environment, ask the questions: what concerns does this raise for the security fabric of your business? In fact, the potential hazards are both numerous and severe.

Firewall Breaches: If an employee’s personal phone, tablet, or laptop is allowed within (or breaches) your company’s firewall, a virus downloaded onto that device – and from there, could spread its way into your company’s entire network.

Lost or Stolen Devices: A lost or stolen phone, or a laptop forgotten in the back seat of a cab, could be retrieved by someone with malicious intentions. Without a means of severing the link between the missing device and your company’s network, the potential harm could be extensive.

What is the potential cost of having your company’s operations shut down, or to have vital company data compromised through viruses, Trojans or malware or seized through ransomware? Especially if your company is subject to regulatory risk, or handles sensitive personal, financial or medical data, the potential legal ramifications could be tremendous. 

At all risk levels, catastrophic data loss or shutdowns could put a severe damper on your company’s operations – or put you completely out of business. It’s important to secure your employee’s devices, including limited access through the firewall and strong passwords, in order to protect your company from a breach.

Just as the technology of the workplace is constantly changing, the cyber threat environment is changing just as fast, if not faster. Only companies dedicated to maintaining cyber-security are equipped to stay ahead of such changes. Makios can help you secure your company’s mobile devices and over security fabric, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.