The Best 7 New Features of iOS 15

The Best 7 New Features of iOS 15

Every Apple devotees have been kept in suspense about iOS 15, which will be the company’s latest version of the iOS operating system. In Apple’s review of the product in early June, several ground-breaking features were announced to accompany the version. And trust me, all the outlined features would cause a spike in iPhone’s user experience and functionality. You will find our top seven new features in this piece. Keep reading!

1. Facetime with Android or Windows encrypted

Facetime is the live video feature enabled on all Apple devices. It works in a pretty similar manner to Teams or Zoom video conferencing. However, it has been accessible on iOS operating systems alone. The new iOS 15 is changing that Android users and Windows-based systems would now use the feature. But since Apple is the brain behind the tool, all connections would be initiated from Mac or iOS devices. After starting a call from the Facetime app, a link would be generated from the app and shared with the receiving Android or Windows device. It is with this link that the connection would be completed using an internet browser. And guess what, the connection is end-to-end encrypted. Hence, all content shared via this platform would be protected from unauthorized access by third parties.

2. Focus

Another amazing feature of iOS 15 is its Focus tool, which is highly effective in minimizing distractions for users. It would work as an inbuilt intelligent feature to allow Mac and iOS users to customize what pops up. Once a Focus is selected, the on-device tool filters every incoming notification, only those that satisfy the selected Focus is displayed on the screen.

Users can also select a Focus from the available suggestions. For instance, some options could be applied for meditation, resting, and working hours. Of which suiting apps widgets for the selected Focus are placed on home screen pages.

3. Live Text

Live Text is Apple’s innovation to the operation of iPhone cameras. Unlike the past versions of the iOS operating system with no in-built tool that can read texts from images, iOS 15 can recognize and copy texts from pictures, both from existing photos and new ones to be taken with the camera. And you know what, you won’t be using any third-party app or making any additional prompting to get this done. All you need to do is tap the Live Text option, and all texts would be consequently recognized and underlined. In addition, a swipe tool is displayed from which you can highlight and copy the needed texts.

Several texts were identified and copied in demonstrating this feature with some pictures in Apple’s review of iOS 15. And here’s another plus, the copied texts can be translated to any language of your choice supported by the device’s translation tool.

4. Mail Privacy Protection

Just like with other recent OS upgrades, Apple is taking the privacy protection of its devices to another level in iOS 15 with the introduction of Mail Privacy Protection. According to the announcement made by the tech giant’s Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, this feature forms part of the company’s innovations to help users have enhanced control of their data.

Mail Privacy Protection works with the in-built Mail app to disallow mail senders illegally accessing information about an iPhone user. Users can hide their IP addresses, preventing third parties from tracking their location or monitoring their subsequent online activities.

5. App Privacy

In addition to Mail Privacy Protection, App Privacy is another impressive privacy protection feature coming with iOS 15. It allows users to checkmate how apps on the device have used their permissions to access information about them. You know apps operating on a device could be enabled to access details like location, contacts, microphone, photos, etc. And once the access is granted, an app is at liberty to share the details with third parties. This might expose users to some levels of risks.

The App Privacy feature grants users access to the third-party domains an app is sharing their details with. And should this displease a user, he can make changes to the permissions granted from Settings.

6. Report Siri - Audio Never Leaves Your Device

Here is another advancement in iPhone’s user experience and functionality. As common with other counterpart android devices, voice assistants occasionally initiate recordings without direct manual prompting from a user. And since there are apps permitted to access the on-device microphone, these recordings could significantly undermine the users’ privacy. The Siri Report processing takes care of this. Working with the in-built speech recognition, audio reports are first being processed without an internet connection. And by implication, recordings remain on a device until the user manually interferes.

7. Apple ID - Digital Legacy Program

Even though Apple has been pulling grounds in its innovations, little or nothing seems to have been done about posthumous management and digital data access. The Digital Legacy Program is Apple’s solution to the accessibility of details on Apple IDs upon the death of the users. As announced by Apple, iOS 15 would come with a Digital Legacy program. Preselected individuals forming the Legacy Contacts of an Apple ID would be able to access the files of the user like pictures, documents, and other vital items.

In addition to the Legal Contacts, users can set up Account Recovery Contacts to provide users an easy means of regaining access to their Apple IDs in cases when they can’t remember their passwords.


You will find the rest of the amazing features coming with the long-awaited version once launched in the Fall. However, the most intriguing ones have been outlined in this content. Enjoy.

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