Transportation Company Expands Operations Nationwide by Leveraging Technology

Transportation Company Expands Operations Nationwide by Leveraging Technology


Transportation Company

Focused on providing a “single source solution” to supply chain needs, this transportation company has been providing full-service transportation and logistics to El Paso and beyond for the last 18 years. Offering both ground service and time-definite air transport (or a combination of both), the transportation company aims to be “a true ‘one-stop’ solution” with additional services including warehousing and distribution, customer brokerage, and employee leasing services.


Managing Growth

During a period of unprecedented growth that saw the company expand from 20 employees to over 200 staff members spread out over seven states, the transportation company needed an MSP partner able to support its systems and adapt to the company’s changing needs.


Resiliency and Flexibility

After designing a comprehensive MSP environment for the company, Makios was able to provide an adaptive and proactive approach to IT management for the transportation company that allowed them to focus on expanding into new markets and growing its team. Through a combination of resiliency and teamwork, Makios was able to continue to meet the 24/7 needs of this rapidly rising company with professional, reliable service.

In 2001, the owner of this transportation company and her husband were operating a small company with a handful of employees and a 5,000 square-foot facility. From those humble beginnings, their transportation company has transformed itself into a $60 million enterprise offering a wide array of services. A trusted logistics company, the transportation company focuses on sustainable growth. Headquartered in El Paso, the company connects cross-border companies and interstate industries including medical equipment, retail, trade shows, and more. 

From the beginning, Makios worked hard to meet the tough demands of this fast-growing company. With a proactive approach to technology management for small business, Makios covered the essentials, so that this owner and her team could spend less time worrying about the IT details and more time growing their business. With a comprehensive understanding of the risks, financial restraints, and budgetary challenges small businesses face when trying to manage their IT needs, Makios focuses on providing reliable, efficient, and simplified IT solutions that streamline operations and maximize profits.