Victor Celebrates his First Anniversary

Victor Celebrates his First Anniversary

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Many people who are part of the Makios team consider this their extended family. We all have our roles…

Rick is the cuddly papa-bear, who you can always talk to and that never makes you feel bad as where I an I’m the evil brother who never fails to give my fellow sisters and brothers a hard time.

Now Victor, that’s a whole other story; he’s like the little brother that doesn’t say much but has that dry humor that makes you say “OMG” and ends up making you roll on the floor laughing your butt off.

But funny is not all he has to offer. When he came into Makios, he was polite, pleasant, and knowledgable, and he was able to help move the ship forward quickly, blending into the Makios culture.

“I love the professional, but humorous environment. My team members have made me feel welcomed since day 1.”– Victor says.

Recently his job duties have shifted a little, and he now works mainly as a project-lead taking care of the many projects we perform every week.

Victor, we want to congratulate you and thank you for the work you plowed through this past year. We want you to know that we appreciate all the effort you put into helping our clients succeed. Without you at Makios, the days wouldn’t be the same, and we consider ourselves lucky to have you on our team!