VoIP – Is it all just marketing hype or worth a look?

VoIP – Is it all just marketing hype or worth a look?

We used to communicate using phone lines but that’s so 2016. Now everyone is talking about Voice over IP (VoIP). But is it worth the hype? Before we answer that question with a firm Yes, No, or Maybe, we should first look at what is VoIP, really.


What is Voice over IP (VoIP)?

VoIP is nothing more than having a voice conversation over a network connection instead of over an analog “line.” It is taking a sound and translating it to bits and bytes and sending it over a network connection but the rest is almost exactly the same.

Good Quality

Is VoIP call quality good?

Due to the complexity of networking, protocols, and other factors, VoIP can fail you if not done right. The quality may be worse than what you are currently getting on the Alexander Graham Bell tech from 1850.

Price has been one of the most important reason to switch to VoIP as some companies have been able to save enormous amounts by switching. Unfortunately, if along the way, the quality of the solution was ignored, the results are mediocre at best.

VoIP works great if designed well. If you’re considering VoIP, make sure you get the right partner involved; a partner who can look at the solution with you and make sure that your business doesn’t drop calls and ruin its reputation due to poor communication quality in the process of saving money on your phone bill.


Is it that much cheaper?

Yes! There are major differences in the price of VoIP versus conventional analog or even digital trunks (lines) because bits and bytes do not require old infrastructure to work. It eliminates the reliance on high-cost older systems with infrastructure that needs to be maintained. You’re likely connected to the internet already and given a VoIP phone call doesn’t take up much bandwidth, the efficiency over conventional services is incredible.


Will my numbers change with VoIP?

Absolutely not, unless you pick the wrong partner or company to help you transition. Look out for those companies that try to get you new numbers because of commissions they get for signing up clients on new services. All carriers will release your numbers to the winning carrier if you fill out the paperwork correctly.

First Step

How do I get started?

The first step is to analyze your current setup, many times you can continue to use your existing phone system with VoIP although there may be some limitations. Most reputable providers will do an assessment for your business and show you the details transparently and will tell you what you can expect. If not, you may want to consider another vendor.