Your Virtual CTO

We focus first on technology management. We are the CTO for any business operating without an internal IT team. That means we man your help desk and provide your project managers. We handle implementation and provide system security. In all, we manage, secure, and connect, from the server to the secretary.

We strive to be your partner in business, not just your technology vendor, so let us work for you to find the best services to fit your needs. Tracking down bids and researching providers takes time better spent expanding your business opportunities. Instead of wasting man hours researching your telephony option or internet services, why not let us do the legwork? Not only do we excel at helping small businesses make the most of today’s technology, we also leverage our experience and contacts to get you the best deal.

Business Analysis: Constant Improvement

At Makios we focus on technology management. When you partner with our team, you not only get a CTO, you get an elite squad of project managers and skilled IT support. Because we live and breathe in the small business space, we understand the difficulties involved in managing technology demands with budgetary and staging restraints. From security to telephony, we make sure you always stay connected and secure.

Implementation: Set and Forget

After installing our software tools and adding our monitoring platform, we will begin to document all system activities to establish the baseline of your network’s capabilities. Using the baseline as a guide, we begin to implement incremental improvements based on budget, existing priorities, and critical processes.

At every step of the process we continually assess how your system affects your business operations, from your day-to-day activities to upkeep and maintenance. By keeping an eye on emerging trends and continually monitoring and evaluating the service we provide, we allow you to focus on running and growing your business instead of managing the ins-and-outs of technology, security, and compliance, making us a true “set it and forget it” MSP provider.

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

Communication, honesty, and transparency form every aspect of our business. That’s why we start every project with a conversation. By asking the right questions and never settling for generalities, we can dive deep into the details. That means we start by analyzing and evaluating your system to determine where we stand. After establishing a general idea of your system’s status and capabilities, we begin the process of elevating your network so it can better align with your business goals. This means tracking helpdesk requests and repair tickets to gauge what areas need attention first. Then we get to work upgrading hardware and introducing the right software and communication tools to transform your system from “adequate” to extraordinary.

But we don’t stop there! Once you’re up and running we continue to monitor your network operations, keeping a keen eye on recurring issues and potential problems. Phishing schemes plaguing your email? We can help. A virus appears unannounced? We can review activity logs to determine whether the threats are coming from inside your company or sneaking in through an unguarded entryway.

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