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Cyber Security

Most network security issues begin at the user level, establishing the way information travels through your system, including user access.  This lays the groundwork for creating defensive strategies to eliminate the risk of cyber-attacks or other cyber crimes. 

Determining the level of security integrated into the communications component involves identifying current email, internet, and telephony providers, along with any cloud services currently utilized, like iCloud or Dropbox. All of these elements, if not properly configured, represent a weak spot in your network security.

In the world we live in today we cannot afford not to protect ourselves from being attacked, breached or otherwise compromised. The statistics speak for themselves. We developed Makios Cloud Security to close the gap of systems and security specialists and to make sure that you can rely on a system that isn’t just sitting in a closet, but is being managed by our team of security specialists and cyber professionals.

We asked our clients what they like about our cyber-security protection and the answer was unanimous.

"I get peace of mind that I won't get hacked".

The story behind the solution

Every solution we design, always follows one basic, but very important principle, it needs to be something we would buy ourselves.  Below are the 3 main criteria that make Makios Cloud Security such a great solution if you are looking for managed cyber-protection.


Enterprise-grade security and protection without compromising quality. We you a turn-key solution that kills all cyber bugs.


We designed the entire solution from the ground up, delivering you the kitchen sink without the a massive price-tag.


The Makios Cloud Security platform gives you access to reports that give visibility into the online behavior of your users.