Elevate Your Business With Makios Cloud: Fiber Internet Services

Feel confident with your move to the cloud with an integrated solution.

When you move your business systems into the cloud, you gain a great deal, but you also become more dependent on the internet. Before everything moved to the cloud, being without internet was irritating, but not critical.  Not anymore, it is now impacting business continuity and crucial for companies to do business.

Don’t Know Where to Start with Cloud Fiber Internet Services?

Lucky for you Makios is here to help you overcome this obstacle with Makios Cloud Internet, a suite of Internet services designed to give you always-on connection to the web.

Makios Cloud Internet is the solution that delivers Internet like a carrier but respects the traffic and your business like a true partner. By leveraging the speed of much less expensive broadband services and combining them with the reliability of fiber, this platform is great for those clients looking to combine up to 4 connections of internet and create redundancy, scalability and cloud-ready networks, all on a single IP.

When we asked our clients what they like about having always-on internet here’s what they said.

"Having access to the Internet allows us to process credit card payments without any interruption".

The story behind the solution

Every solution we design, always follows one basic, but very important principle, it needs to be something we would buy ourselves.  Below are the 3 main criteria that make Makios Cloud Internet such a great solution if you are looking for always-on Internet.


Enterprise-grade hardware and datacenter hosting delivers the quality to make sure that your Internet and cloud software works at all times of the day.


We set out to provide an always-on Internet solution which is a collaboration effort with the best tech people in the Industry, yet still very affordable.


Everything about Cloud Internet is monitored and measured 24×7, so when things are off, we can immediately have the ability to see the big picture.