Proud to be 100% employee-owned.

You can search high and you can search low, but you will never find a bunch of nerds this dedicated to making things work right for your business. Over the last decade we’ve sifted through, hired and retained the right core team of professionals committed and passionate about being the best in the business, without forgetting what’s important in life – work hard, play hard, enjoy family.

A little known fact about Ivan… he is a huge fan of Adam Sandler and sometimes, just for fun, he’ll treat us to an impersonation of the Waterboy hero Bobby Boucher.

Ivan Flores

Director of Technology

Ivan Flores, one of our Network Technicians who joined us in 2010, is a real-life hero. Although Ivan doesn’t arrive at Makios headquarters in a Batmobile, and we’re pretty sure he doesn’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, we are excited about his vast knowledge of all things technology. 

He has been compounding his skills professionally for over 10 years. Ivan is a pro with servers and communication devices, an expert with point of sale systems, and an absolute wizard in network troubleshooting. Mr. Flores is happily married to a woman who understands his love of technology and together they are the proud parents of 3 dogs. 

Makios is proud to have Ivan on our team, he definitely makes us shine!

Doede Zijlstra

Vice President

Doede (aka “Big Dee” or simply “Dude”) keeps Makios running full steam ahead with his leadership and in-depth organization skills. El “Dude” sees to it that we implement the very best practices for our internal and external operations and that we follow the processes he helped design and create over the years. 

Doede has 20 years of management experience, and before moving to El Paso with his wife and children, He worked in both Mexico and the Netherlands where he served as a managing director and managed a production team for a manufacturing facility. 

Makios is proud to have the “Dude” on our team, he guides us in all the right direction.

Doede is a big fan of house and techno music. It is all the guy listens to every single day. So bring glow-sticks to any meeting with him.

Nils has been known to wear his wooden shoes from the Netherlands to work on casual Fridays. “The shoes are a symbol of my Dutch heritage and besides, they are super comfortable,”

Nils Desmet

Founder / CEO

Nils started in technology in the Netherlands and continued his IT career in the United States as a consultant for the Holland Group. This group later merged with Stanton Street Technology Group. In 2006, after many years of managing the Network Services division under his belt, Nils decided it was time to strike out on his own.

He made a deal with Beto O’Rourke (yes that guy) the then owner of Stanton Street and in October Makios Technology was born. Later more business acquisitions were made to help expand as well as

As the Chief of Makios, he provides the team and clients with drive, knowledge, experience, and smart solutions. His motivation to keep innovating for clients is addicting and working on making things easier is always on his mind.